Pen-rose to the challenge to answer the question: “Who’s Living on My Land?”

Some fantastic images of Australia’s native wildlife were captured by landholders following the November workshop in Penrose. Twelve landholders rose to the challenge to find out what animals were living in their backyards.

Native Animals Detected:

A flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, a Red-necked Wallaby, a juvenile Crimson Rosella and a camera shy Emu were among the many exciting animals found living on peoples properties. Overall, 20 species of native animals were photographed using camera traps!

Introduced Species to Look Out For:

Five introduced species were detected in the Penrose area. The European Red Fox was the most prevalent occurring in half of the properties that participated. Two young feral pigs were also attracted to the lure set up in front of the camera on one property. Other species included the Feral Cat, European Rabbit and Black Rat. Landholders are encouraged to work with South East Local Land Services to help manage pests on their property.